Battera Kombu (Osaka Prefecture)

Battera are type of pressed sushi made with mackerel originally from Osaka. It’s made by stacking vinegar-pickled mackerel with finely sliced layers of mackerel and kombu; these layers are so thin that they can be practically seen through. The name ‘battera’ comes from the Portuguese word ‘bateira’, which means small boat. The addition of Kombu is unique to the regional Osaka cuisine. The packages you see here contains the “kombu” that are used for making Battera. Each package contains 100 paper thin Kombu.

This sushi was originally made with konoshiro gizzard shad and looked remarkably similar to a small ship on its side, which gave it the name battera. Once the fish used was changed to mackerel, the present shape of the sushi came about instead.

In addition to Battera Kombu, we also have Shiraita Kombu. Both of these products are available in many sizes to purchase. Please contact us for more information about these amazing products or any other products on our site. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Delicious Serving Ideas

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Battera Sushi
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